The Biden Administration reportedly put pressure on the Supreme Court to allow for warrantless confiscations of guns as the Court heard arguments in the Caniglia v. Strom case.

In the case, Edward Caniglia allegedly got into an argument with his wife Kim back in 2015 which resulted in the police taking away Caniglia’s firearms.

Check out what Forbes reported:

Still, police were convinced that Edward could hurt himself and insisted he head to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. After refusing and insisting that his mental health wasn’t their business, Edward agreed only after police (falsely) promised they wouldn’t seize his guns while he was gone.

Compounding the dishonesty, police then told Kim that Edward had consented to the confiscation. Believing the seizures were approved by her husband, Kim led the officers to the two handguns the couple owned, which were promptly seized. Even though Edward was immediately discharged from the hospital, police only returned the firearms after he filed a civil rights lawsuit against them.

Instead of stating that Caniglia’s guns were taken due to an imminent danger, they instead said that their confiscation of the weapons was just a form of “community caretaking.”