Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer pleaded with JetBlue airlines to keep jobs in New York City after the airliner weighed moving workers to Florida amid the global Coronavirus pandemic and high operating costs.

“The senior New York senator said he made his case on a phone call with JetBlue Chief Executive Robin Hayes Wednesday evening — a day after The Post exclusively reported that the carrier was considering whether to move some jobs from its Long Island City headquarters to existing offices in the Sunshine State,” reports the New York Post.

“With the critical pandemic relief dollars we just delivered on to help save airlines like JetBlue, and the thousands and thousands of New Yorkers they already employ, the airline should actually clear the runway to grow here, not recede,” the Democratic Senate majority leader told The Post in a Thursday statement.

“Bottom line, I am confident JetBlue will remain New York’s hometown airline for a long time to come.”