An anti-Biden flag that caused controversy in Michigan has also popped up in Ohio, concerning residents it’s too offensive for children to see.

“F— Biden,” reads a flag in front of a Fairfield home. “And f— you for voting for him.”

Parents in the town have raised concerns that the flag is inappropriate for children to see, as a school bus passes the house twice a day. However, one law professor said it’s up to parents to shield their children from such language.

“Courts generally rule the rights of parents to maintain a clean environment for their kids and when you leave the house. That’s why radio and television are treated differently, because they come into the house,” said Northern Kentucky University law professor Ken Katkin.

“If those words were being used in their sexual context, it’s possible they could be crossing the line into obscenity, which is not always constitutionally protected,” Katkin added.

Lawyer Fanon Rucker also said the Constitution favors the homeowner’s ability to express free speech with the flag.

“We may be personally offended. As a neighbor, I wouldn’t want to live next door to that. But for somebody to say what they want to say or to express their feelings in such a way, yeah, it’s not offensive of the Constitution,” said Rucker.

Additionally, the City of Fairfield said the flag and what it says is not illegal.