When President Donald Trump was still in office, CNN spent large segments of its broadcast time blasting him for his strict border and immigration enforcement policies.

At every opportunity, hosts and correspondents gaslit their audiences by making false claims about Trump’s policies, which actually were among the most humane in decades (and more so than his predecessor, Barack “Cage ‘Em” Obama).

All of Trump’s policies were aimed at three things: Making the U.S. border more secure; protecting Americans from drug smuggling and trafficking of criminals into the country; and protecting ordinary migrants from being preyed upon by the cartels.

By any measure, his initiatives, coupled with the construction of a massive border wall, were successful. After migrant surges in 2018, the president doubled down on his initiatives, his enforcement policies, and his diplomatic efforts to convince countries where the migrants were coming from to be more ‘cooperative’ in taking them back.

After 2018 especially, illegal immigration became a negligible, far more manageable issue. Border Patrol agents said as much; Customs and Border Protection officials agreed. Policies like “Remain in Mexico” were working.

Then came Joe Biden’s ‘election.’ A guy who couldn’t draw 100 people to events and who suddenly, out of nowhere, got 81 million votes, came into Oval Office to a stack of executive orders prepared by his handlers that systematically undid nearly all of Trump’s border and immigration policies.

And within weeks, the border has become problematic again, with the administration having relaunched “catch and release” to include illegal aliens who test positive for the coronavirus.

Enter CNN: Suddenly the network that thought Trump was the problem when it came to mass illegal immigration has noticed that the border under Biden is now volatile again.

In a segment on Friday, CNN’s immigration correspondent Pricilla Alverez told anchor John King that yes, the number of migrants crossing illegally into the U.S. has spiked and will continue to increase.

“The short answer is that, yes, we are seeing an increase of migrants at the U.S. and Mexico border, and trends indicate that that number is probably going to grow in the coming weeks,” Alvarez said.

She went on to report that the Biden administration has not called the crisis a “crisis” but rather has referred to it as a “challenge.”

“Clearly, some level of concern” exists, she said, because Biden just ordered a group of administration officials to go to the border (instead of him because, you know, early to bed and all that) and report back what they saw.

King went on to note that apprehensions of illegal aliens are up again just as they were pre-Trump border policies.

Separately, administration spokeswoman Jen Psaki made a stunning admission about “kids in cages” — notably, that the Biden regime was reopening some of the same migrant detention facilities used to detain migrant minors.

“All I’m conveying is that obviously we’re going to have more kids across, in the country since we’ve been letting unaccompanied minors stay and the last administration immorally kicked them out, in our view,” she said.

Interestingly, a CNN reporter asked if Biden’s policy reversals of Trump’s enforcement actions had anything to do with the current increase.

“The big difference, which we certainly understand the outcome may be an influx of more children,” Psaki said at one point. “If you were kicking children out, there’s naturally by design, there’s going to be more children that come in.

“We certainly have a different approach. We understand the outcome and the impact of that,” she added.

Yes, that ‘different approach’ is to open the floodgates to the third world’s poor and then require the American taxpayer to foot the bill for their care and upkeep.

Source: trendingpolitics.com