Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell fired back at former President Donald Trump for taking credit for his re-election in 2020, reminding people that he was down 15 points in 2014 when he won without Trump’s help.

McConnell was asked about Trump’s Sunday remarks at CPAC, where he said his endorsement of McConnell brought him back from down 20 points to a victory. McConnell, who voted to acquit Trump in his second impeachment trial, pushed back against the claims Tuesday, citing his last election prior to 2o2o.

The Senate Republican leader was asked about Trump’s speech. A reporter said Trump “took a lot of credit for your re-election.” McConnell smiled in response, saying: “I want to thank him for the 15-point margin I had in 2014 as well.”

“My endorsement of Mitch McConnell at his request, he asked for my endorsement,” Trump said during his CPAC speech. “Brought him from one point down to 20 points up and he won his race in the great state and the great commonwealth of Kentucky. He won it very easily.