When it comes to promoting black lives and black achievement, leftists are only interested in doing so if said leading black figure meets certain ‘woke’ standards — that is, if the black person being feted is a fellow leftist.

Black conservatives need not apply and that’s doubly true if they dare — dare, mind you — to be a fan of former President Donald Trump, the man who signed the First Step Act and freed a wrongly imprisoned black grandmother from her life sentence while creating an economy that lifted up Americans of color far and away more than the economy under our first president of color.

A black high school student in Virginia has just learned this lesson by being lambasted publicly and shamed before the entire student body and faculty.

The Daily Wire notes:

Julia Saville was a junior at St. Margaret’s High School in Tappahannock, Virginia. St. Margaret’s is a small school with approximately 107 students in the 8-12th grades. Saville is a chapter leader for Turning Point USA and joined her school’s Black Student Union to diversify her understanding of cultural issues, particularly in light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I know that they have a different perspective on things,” Saville told the outlet. “I just wanted to get their perspective and [understand] their experiences on campus.”

For the record, TPUSA is a conservative organization whose primary objective is to cultivate conservatism among American students. The group and its representatives are routinely maligned and attacked by the Marxist authoritarians who run the teacher’s unions and America’s public school system.

In any event, the Black Student Union asked members to give presentations on “black trailblazers” who have contributed to their community of color during Black History Monty. Those presentations were sent out to the student body; Saville chose #Blexit co-founder, conservative, bestselling author, and successful podcaster Candace Owens.

Saville was set to make her presentation Feb. 17 but first thing that morning she saw an email sent to her by a classmate complaining that she chose Owens. The email was also sent to all students and faculty at the school.

“I’d like to address some falsified information here… Candace Owens is not someone we should be recognizing today especially during Black History Month when she has done absolutely nothing for the black community … [Owens] was called a racist because she was,” the email read. “Candace Owens openly tried to degrade the struggles of the black community by telling the general public that America is not a racist country and that everyone who believes that it is is trying to divide America.”

“I feel as though not only was it disrespectful that you added her to the list of trailblazers, it’s offensive that you sat down, thought about it, researched her, and thought it was okay to do this,” the email continued.

Whether Owens is correct or not isn’t really the point; Owens has her opinions about what would improve the black community and she is entitled to them, just the same as any left-wing black figure is entitled to their point of view and commitment to their methods of trying to improve black lives.

But because she’s conservative, and the black community, for some reason, is beholden to the same party that enslaved them, terrorized them through the KKK, and then pushed to keep segregationist policies in place, Candace Owens and her supporters are persona non grata in America’s Marxist-dominated public school system.

Needless to say, according to The Daily Wire, nothing was done about the public harassment of Saville. But you shouldn’t expect that there would be; today’s woke left functions under the mantra, “No dissent allowed.”

Source: trendingpolitics.com