Now that the Biden-Harris regime has reopened the swamp for business, there are many who are anticipating the reopening of the nation’s southern border as well.

With good old Joe from Scranton now formally installed into the White House, it’s time to start fulfilling his campaign promises, one of which will be the reversal of President Trump’s policies on illegal immigration.

Even before the Trojan horse took his oath of office, caravans were marching northward from Latin America carrying dreams of a glorious life of free health care in a land where a party that has advocated for open borders now holds the levers of power.

However, there is some trepidation that such an early influx of refugees – many of who might be carrying the mutated coronavirus – could backfire on Biden by creating a humanitarian catastrophe in his first month on the job.

One of those who is panicking over the prospect of political damage to Biden is activist reporter Jorge Ramos of Univision who is urging the advancing masses to turn around and go home.

Via Grabien:

“We all know that one of the first things Joe Biden is going to do as president will be to send (Congress) a bill in order to legalize 11 million undocumented immigrants, to protect the DREAMers, and to protect hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan exiles. Very well. This might be sending Central America a wrong message that the U.S. border is open. And that’s not true. And this could cause new Central American caravans to come north. We have the most specific case, precisely, from a caravan of Hondurans that is currently stuck in Guatemala, attempting to cross Mexico, in order to make it to the United States.”

Watch below:

Ramos who encouraged migrant caravans back when Trump was in office is now singing a very different tune likely realizing that the optics of tens of thousands of migrants swarming the border during a pandemic when tens of millions of Americans are out of work thanks to the Democrat lockdowns are not favorable.

There is also anxiety over the coming invasion from the Biden administration itself and days before Biden was sworn in, transition team officials sought to discourage migrants from coming to the U.S.

President-elect Joe Biden has promised an end to the strict immigration policies of the Trump administration, which focused on building a border wall and restricting eligibility for asylum.

But those promises may be put to the test in the new government’s first days. If would-be emigrants from Central America perceive that now is the time to travel to the U.S., the southern border could quickly be overwhelmed before systems are put in place to handle the influx.

A senior Biden transition team official said the perception that the Biden administration will be able to allow all arriving asylum seekers to enter the U.S. to make their claim on day one is false.

“The situation at the border isn’t going to be transformed overnight,” the transition official told NBC News in an exclusive interview.

On Wednesday, a masked Biden signed off on a series of executive orders, including the quick reversal of Trump’s immigration policies with many more to come.