VP Mike Pence has the unique opportunity in world history where he can keep the nation and its people free or he can sentence the world to generations of slavery in a matter of minutes on January 6th.

Ron at CodeMonkeyZ tweeted this iconic article from NeonRevolt today.

Neonrevolt was all over the fraudulent Mueller investigation.  He was so effective that Jack at Twitter censored him and kicked him off his site.  But Neonrevolt did not go away.  He now has written an excellent piece regarding VP Mike Pence’s duties on January 6th. His efforts can save the country and the world or damn all of us and all future generations into slavery. Neonrevolt ends his piece on Pence’s opportunity with this:

You have a choice, Mr. Vice President. Either you will rise up with courage and become the hero who saved the Republic, or you will spend the rest of your days reviled in ignominy as your children, and your grandchildren, and their descendants end up as little more than chattel on the global plantation.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating the stakes. Go with God, Mr. Vice President. Fight for the people on that day. Strike the giants, and cut off all their heads. If you can be entrusted with this immense and Constitutional power – to safeguard the Republic on that day when our enemies would snatch it away from us – we, the people, will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can trust you in 2024 and beyond.

What Ron and Neonrevolt are talking about is related to Pence’s unique opportunity coming up where he can save the world.

In this epic piece, Alexander Macris summarizes legal arguments and notes that the President of the Senate is the only person who has the ability and authority to pick the electors from each state when there are more than one set of electors.