Watters opened up his Fox News FNC show by calling on the American people to overcome their complacency and “storm the castle.”

Jesse says Americans must demand accountability from the Swamp and rise up:

“You get the government you deserve. We elect these people and rarely demand change. And when they sabotage a president who actually changed things, we don’t rebel, we don’t march, we don’t resist. We watch it on TV. Our form of protest is just changing the channel…We used to storm the ‘castle’ over abuses of power like this. Now we just raid the fridge. So in 2021, let’s relight that great American spirit. Let’s stand up to this den of thieves because they’ll just keep robbing us blind until we actually do something about it. Many Americans just sit there and take it. Why? This isn’t who we are. That’s not who our forefathers were. It’s not the American spirit.”

Ou forefathers would’ve declared war by now.
Why haven’t we?
Because we’re complacent.

Social media is a double-edged sword. It’s an amazing place to share information, but typing out “angry tweets” has taken the place of calling, or showing up at your congressman’s offices and confronting them and forcing them to explain themselves in real-time.
And trust me, these swampers would much rather see a few thousand angry tweets, than face even ten angry voters in person.
They’re cowards and the only way they can play dirty tricks is if you are complacent.

We need to change that. We need to step out of the virtual world and get more involved in the “real world” and start holding these bums accountable.
We also need to get more involved in local politics – all aspects of it…every post matters.

Social media is great for organizing and sharing information, but we can’t use it as a crutch…real change requires real-life work.